In Touch


Dear Customer,

Thank you for purchasing our product designed by Watchfaces by Fischbein.

If you experience an error message or any kind of malfunction during the operation of the downloaded product, please do notify us on the following email address: If possible, please describe the error, and it would be very helpful if you could also attach an image and / or a video as a way of showing the error.

As you are probably aware, our products undergo meticulous testing before appearing on the Samsung Galaxy Store website. This verifying process is always carried out by Samsung’s highly trained technical team. If the product does not pass all the tests, it is not permitted to go on sale on the Samsung Store site. The Samsung Galaxy Store only allows the sale of perfectly functioning products.

If you encounter problems with download or payment, please contact the Samsung’s own Customer Service Department. These systems are operated by Samsung itself, and unfortunately we are unable to access these areas.

Best Regards,

Laszlo Fischbein
CEO of Watchfaces by Fischbein


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